Structural Integrity reports

For metallic substrates

Wall thickness corrosion, erosion, and type of environment.
Report on the corrosion if present and how aggressive it is , advise the clients as to how best manage their facility and avoid bad practices.
Comprehensive report with regards to remedial action and costs if required.

With regards to *concrete* a visual inspection is normally followed by a core sampling and testing for the presence of corrosion in the rebar.
The usual recommendations with associated costs if requested.

The main objective with regards to any substrate is to establish a data-base for future reference.

Vibration Analysis

Overall vibration is the total vibration energy measured within a frequency range. Measuring the overall vibration of a machine or component, a rotor in relation to a machine, or the structure of a machine and comparing the overall measurement to its normal value (norm) indicates the current health of the machine.
A higher than normal overall vibration reading indicates that something is causing the machine or component to vibrate more.

Vibration is considered the best operating parameter to judge low frequency dynamic conditions such as imbalance misalignment, mechanical looseness, structural resonance, soft foundations, shaft bow, excessive bearing wear, or lost rotor veins.