About CCI

Corrosion Control Ireland (CCI) is an established leader in  Ireland in the field of corrosion control and asset management. CCI Services include corrosion engineering, corrosion control products supply and contracting services.

Corrosion Engineering Services

CCI’s corrosion engineering team leads in providing intelligent engineering  and economical solutions to corrosion problems. Our multi-disciplined team  of senior corrosion engineering professionals,specialists and technologists have extensive experiencein all aspects of corrosion engineering, including pre-design surveys, feasibility studies, cathodic protection system design and engineering, system evaluation, materials selection, installation, testing, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of systems for various types of facilities and environmental conditions.

Corrosion Control Products Supply

CCI Products provides a complete range of cathodic protection materials including sacrificial and impressed current anodes, corrosion probes, anode groundbed backfill, pipeline surge protectors, test stations, insulating joints and flange kits, reference electrodes, rectifiers and remote monitoring systems.

In addition, CCI  is the distributor for leading corrosion control and pipeline products.

CCI provides solutions for:

  • Oil, gas and water pipelines;
  • Pipeline internal protection;
  • Marine structures such as wharves, jetties and piers;
  • Off-shore platforms and piping;
  • Mounded LPG vessels;
  • Petroleum and aboveground water tanks;
  • Aviation fuel depots and hydrant pipelines;
  • Service station fuel and underground LPG tanks;
  • Plant piping such as sea-water cooling and fire water lines;
  • Transit systems and tunnels;
  • Locks, dams and gates;
  • Piles, foundations and bridge structures;
  • Ships and hulls; and
  • Miscellaneous applications such as heat exchangers and intake and outfall pipelines.